Tennessee Gas Stations

Tennessee gas stations located within 1/2 mile of an I-75 exit are listed below. These listings run north to south. Individual exits show intersecting routes and cities and towns accessible from that exit.

ExitExit DescriptionExit Services
160US 25W, SR 9, JellicoBP, Exxon, Shell, Sunoco
156Rarity Mountain Road
144Stinking Creek Road
141SR 63 west, Huntsville, OneidaPilot, TA Travel Center
134US 25W north, SR 63 east, Caryville, Jacksboro, LaFolletteAmoco, BP, Shell
129US 25W south, SR 9, SR 116, Rocky Top
128US 441, SR 71, Rocky TopBP, Casey’s, Marathon, Sunoco, Weigel’s
122SR 61 – Clinton, NorrisBP, Mobil, Phillips 66, Shell
117SR 170, Raccoon Valley RoadOne 9
112SR 131, Emory Road, PowellCasey’s, Ingles, Kroger, Shell
110Callahan DriveWeigel’s
108Merchants DriveCasey’s, Exxon, Mobil
3I-275 south, Knoxville
3I-640, US 25W, SR 9, Asheville
3BUS 25W, Gap Road, Clinton
1SR 62, Western AvenueGulf, Kroger, Shell, Weigel’s
385I-40 east, I-640 west, Knoxville
383SR 332, Northshore Drive, Papermill Road, Weisgarber Road76, BP, Casey’s, Exxon, Mapco, Kroger, Pilot
380US 11, US 70, West Hills, West Town MallCircle K, Mapco, Weigel’s
379Bridgewater Road, Walker Springs Road, Gallaher View Road76, Exxon, Pilot, Sam’s Club Gas, Shell
378Cedar Bluff RoadCasey’s, Gulf, Kroger, Shell

376I-140, SR 162, Oak Ridge, Maryville
374SR 131, Lovell RoadCasey’s, Pilot, Shell, Speedway TA Travel center
373Campbell Station Road, FarragutCasey’s, Exxon, Marathon, Shell
369Watt RoadFlying J, Pride, TA Travel Center
84BI-40 west, Nashville
81US 321, SR 73, to SR 95, Oak Ridge, Lenoir City, MaryvilleBP, Exxon, Mobil, Shell
76SR 324, Sugar Limb Road
72SR 72, LoudonExxon, Love’s, Marathon
68SR 323, PhiladelphiaMarathon
62SR 322, Oakland Road, Sweetwater
60SR 68, Spring City, SweetwaterExxon, Marathon, Sunoco, Wiegel’s
56SR 309, NiotaPilot
52SR 305, Mount Verd Road, AthensKangaroo, Sunoco
49SR 30, Decatur, AthensExxon, Mobil, Speedway, Wiegel’s
42SR 39, Riceville Road, RicevilleCitgo
36SR 163, Calhoun
33SR 308, CharlestonExxon, Love’s
27Paul Huff Parkway, ClevelandCitgo, Exxon, Shell, Valero
25SR 60, Cleveland, Dayton, Lee UniversityChevron, Mapco, Phillips 66, RaceTrac, Sunoco
20US 64 Bypass, US 74, SR 311, ClevelandExxon, Pilot

11US 11, US 64, SR 2, Ooltewah, CollegedaleBP, Exxon, Mapco
9SR 317, Ooltewah, Collegedale, Volkswagen DriveShell
7US 11, US 64, SR 2, SR 317, Summit, CollegedaleExxon, Mapco, Mobil, Sunoco
5Shallowford RoadBP, Citgo, Exxon, Shell, Sunoco
4BHamilton Place Boulevard
4ASR 153, Chattanooga Airport, Chickamauga Dam
3SR 320, East Brainerd RoadCircle K, Mapco, Murphy USA, Sam’s Club Gas, Speedway
2I-24 west to I-59 south, Chattanooga, Nashville, Birmingham
1US 41, US 76, SR 8, East RidgeBP, Circle K, Mapco, Shell