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We offer 2 formats of advertising… Banner Ads and Text Ads

The I-75 Exit Information Guide has served millions of page views since we first went online. We work hard to keep our site fresh, continually adding new content to enhance its effectiveness as a travel planning resource.

Advertising on The I-75 Exit Information Guide is the best way to reach I-75 Interstate highway travelers on the Internet. We are in a unique position to assist you in reaching the population you are trying to market your product or service.

Consider the benefits…

Effectively reach I-75 highway travelers.
Reduce costly bulk mailings. Get your message out there faster &and cheaper.
Provide potential customers with a more timely way to get more information about your product with a link to your website.

Banner Ads – Featured Sponsor or Run-of-Site:
  • Featured Sponsorship (Above the fold)
    Featured Sponsorship banner advertising guarantees an advertiser exclusivity for predominant placement at or near the top of every page in a featured section (eg. Lodging). See sample page below.
  • Run-of-Site (body of page)
    Run-of-Site banner ads are placed in a “pool” with other banner ads and may appear on any of our pages or you may select a specific category (eg. Lodging). See sample page below.

Banner Ad Requirements:

  • Banner size: 468×60 and 15k (we will resize your banner ad at no charge)
  • Animation is typically OK
  • We will track the number of impressions and click throughs. You can request banner ad statistics monthly.
  • “Run-of-Site” banners will be one of many in a pool of banner ads.
  • Most pages display two banner ads, Featured Sponsorship banners are located in a dedicated area near the top of a page.
  • “Run-of-Site” are in the body of the page. If you like, we can have your banner run on specific pages.
  • Ad purchases are prepaid.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
Text Ads – Link to your Website:
  • Text links are placed will be visible in the appropriate (eg. Lodging) exit service listings at the Interstate exit number of your choosing. Up to 10 additional words can be used in your text link for a description.
  • Your text link will be visible from the most appropriate Interstate exit number
  • Up to 10 additional words for a description.
  • Ad purchases are prepaid
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
TermFeatured Sponsor BannerRun-of-Site BannerText Links
6 month$299.95
12 month$399.95
Website Ad Policies

All website advertising is subject to our approval. We reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel detracts from the image or content of The I-75 Exit Information Guide, or is offensive to visitors, or makes derogatory or offensive statements.