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I-75 Attractions

When you cover I-75 from Michigan to Florida you can imagine the number and variety of attractions along the way… from amusements, museums and zoos to exhibits, parks, beaches and historic sites, there’s so much to see and do along Interstate 75!

Sarasota Jungle Gardens | Photo courtesy of

Sarasota Jungle Gardens – Sarasota, FL

Located in Sarasota, Florida, Sarasota Jungle Gardens is a shining example of the beauty of nature and the wonders it holds. Let's embark on...
Newport Aquarium | I-75 Exit Guide

Newport Aquarium – Newport, KY

Located on the banks of the Ohio River, the Newport Aquarium in Newport, Kentucky is a mesmerizing world beneath the water's surface. This attraction,...
Rock City Gardens | I-75 Exit Guide

Rock City Gardens – Lookout Mountain, GA

Nestled atop the picturesque Lookout Mountain in Georgia, Rock City Gardens is a true gem waiting to be discovered by nature enthusiasts and adventure...
Children's Museum of Atlanta | I-75 Exit Guide

Children’s Museum of Atlanta – Atlanta, GA

Located in the city of Atlanta, the Children's Museum is a beacon of creativity and learning for the young minds of today. More than...
Florida Aquarium - Tampa, Florida | I-75 Exit Guide

The Florida Aquarium – Tampa, FL

Located in Tampa, the Florida Aquarium is the epitome of marine conservation and education, captivating visitors with its diverse exhibits and commitment to environmental...
Lookout Mountain Incline Railway | I-75 Exit Guide

Lookout Mountain Incline Railway – Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, Tennessee boasts a rich tapestry of history, and one iconic landmark that stands as a testament to its past is the Lookout Mountain...
Georgia Aquarium | I-75 Exit Guide

Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta, GA

Located in the heart of Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium is a testament to the beauty and diversity of marine life. As a visitor, stepping...
Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens | I-75 Exit Guide

Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens – Punta Gorda, FL

Located in the heart of Punta Gorda, the Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens is a harmonious blend of nature and artistry. As a...

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