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Dined at a great restaurant on your way down I-75 lately? Maybe you’ve grabbed a bite at a nice little diner. We would love to hear about it! Just use the form here. The I-75 Gourmet is dedicated to all those road warriors who have found or are looking for that perfect stop along America’s Interstate 75!

City Diner | I-75 Exit Guide

City Cafe Diner – Chattanooga, TN

We recently visited the City Cafe Diner in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This place is the real deal, folks. Picture walking into a place that's like...
Pilgrim Family Restaurant | I-75 Exit Guide

Pilgrim Family Restaurant – Findlay, OH

OMG! This place is amazing. The staff is more than friendly, the food is awesome, the portions are generous and the prices are very...
Harrison's Grill & Bar - Clinton, Tennessee | I-75 Exit Guide

Harrison’s Grill & Bar – Clinton, TN

My wife and I stopped at Harrison's Grill & Bar and had an excellent meal. We more or less stumbled upon it on our...
Lucky Cafe - Forsyth, Georgia | I-75 Exit Guide

Lucky Cafe – Forsyth, GA

Lucky Cafe is a little Japanese fast food place located in a Exxon gas station complex immediately off I-75, exit 185 in Forsyth, Georgia. But...
Jessica's Bistro - Lake City, Florida | I-75 Road Food | I-75 Exit Guide

Jessica’s Bistro – Lake City, FL

Jessica's Bistro is a cozy little Cuban restaurant tucked away in a little strip mall just off I-75 (exit 427) in Lake City, Florida. The...
Henry's Louisiana Grill | I-75 Exit Guide

Henry’s Louisiana Grill – Acworth, GA

What a wonderful restaurant! Located in a nice little downtown area of Acworth. It's less than a mile from I-75. Henry's Louisiana Grill seem’s to...
Lincoln Square Restaurant - Troy, Ohio | I-75 Exit Guide

Lincoln Square Restaurant – Troy, OH

First time here and I was impressed! Got of the exit looking for something other than fast food, had a little time and spotted...
Buddy's Bar-B-Q | I-75 Exit Guide

Buddy’s Bar-B-Q – Cleveland, TN

Buddy's Bar-B-Q is a small chain of restaurants in Eastern Tennessee. This particular one is my favorite and is located off I-75 exit 27...

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