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Foliage Colors Nearing Peak Conditions in Northern Michigan Along I-75

Planning a fall foliage roadtrip? Some of the most breathtaking fall foliage vistas in the country can be found along I-75 in Michigan and the...
Florida DOT: I-75 Will Remain Open
Today, the Florida Department of Transportation announced that I-75...
I-75 Santa Fe River Detour in Florida
The Santa Fe River under I-75 has rapidly risen...
Gas Availability for Travelers Returning to Florida Via I-75
If you are returning to Florida and points south via I-75, be aware that heavy traffic and finding gas may
Georgia DOT Encourages Travelers to “Shelter in Place”
As Tropical Storm Irma moves throughout the state today, Georgia DOT strongly advises residents and travelers to stay safe and
Hurricane Irma Continues Northward, Travel Remains Hazardous
Tropical Storm Irma, Continues to Slowly Weaken while moving through Southwestern Georgia…Hurricane Jose does Not Pose a Threat to Florida.
Travel Discouraged as Flooding, High Winds Batter Georgia
Acting on a recommendation from the state’s Emergency Operations Command Gov. Nathan Deal expanded the emergency declaration to include all
Hurricane Irma Update – Sunday, September 10, 2017
As of Sunday morning, September 10, 2017, a good portion of Florida now appears in the forecast cone for Hurricane
Georgia DOT Advises Use of All Available Routes for Irma Evacuation
As residents and guests consider leaving areas expected to be impacted by Hurricane Irma, Georgia DOT encourages evacuees to plan
Limited Emergency Shoulder Use for I-75 Irma Evacuation in Florida
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), working with the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), has implemented a limited Emergency Shoulder Use
Hurricane Irma Live Updates: Fuel Availability and Gas Station Outages
Our friends at GasBuddy now maintain a handy app for live updates on fuel availability and gas station outages in states
Florida Governor Scott: We’re Working Aggressively to Get More Fuel to Gas Stations
Today, Florida Governor Scott made the following statement outlining the steps that are being taken to bring more fuel to
Florida Issues Hurricane Irma Update
Today, Governor Rick Scott received a full update on Hurricane Irma at the State Emergency Operations Center. The Governor is