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Several I-75 Rest Areas in Georgia Closed for Renovations

The Georgia Department of Transportation reports that several rest areas along I-75 are currently closed or will be closing for renovations. Motorists will not be able to access facility driveways, parking areas or building during construction.

  • ​Rest Area #5 Cook County
    ​I-75 Northbound at mile marker 46.7
    Closed: ​3/27/2017
    Reopens: 5/4/2018
  • Rest Area #6 Cook County
    I-75 Southbound at mile marker 48.0
    Closed: ​​3/27/2017
    Reopens: ​​5/4/2018
  • Rest Area #22 Monroe County
    I-75 Southbound at mile marker 179.0
    Closed: 1/29/2018
    Reopens: 6/28/2018
  • Rest Area #34 Gordon County
    I-75 Northbound at mile marker 308.0
    Closed: 1/29/2018
    Reopens: 6/28/2018
  • Rest Area #35 Gordon County
    I-75 Southbound at mile marker 320.0
    Closed: 1/29/2018
    Reopens: 6/28/2018

NOTE: There are no welcome center closings scheduled. The number of days closed/re-open date is anticipated and subject to change.

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6 thoughts on “Several I-75 Rest Areas in Georgia Closed for Renovations”

  1. This is the most unorganized closure in Georgia’s history. All rest stops from Sth Georgia (Nth & Sth) to Atlanta…..Closed 😵. And not any rest stop looks as if any work is being done. We came down from the mountains on 2/10/18 with a camper and return trip was 3/25/18. Why would anyone close all of them at the same time pretty dumb 😠

      1. Yes, very inconvenient, to say the least. Georgia was never too big on rest areas anyway, figuring the happy motorists can utilize the facilities at a fast food restaurant or filling station, and they might spend some $$ while they are there.

  2. Who is the nitwit that thought it was a great idea to close ALL of the rest stops along I-75 at the same time? What an inconvenience when traveling with children, pets and the elderly. This is a huge embarrassment to your state’s travel industry. We would love to be able to avoid driving through Georgia anyway because of the traffic 24/7 in Atlanta and the speed traps with off the hook fines.

  3. Why are you closing so many GA rest areas at once?! They are greatly needed more than ever in the summer months. It’s ok to do a face lift for the rest areas, but must you do them all at the same time? This is a great inconvenience, especially for those with small children.

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